Berlin, Germany

Backend Developer

7 months

  • Working as a backend engineer at Berlin’s largest music video streaming provider
  • Implementing microservices in Go with Go Kit using PostgreSQL and Redis
  • Integrating services including Fastly, Nginx, Datadog, Fluentd and Kibana
  • Implementing HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) to deliver live video streaming on scale by wrapping and utilizing ffmpeg for video encoding and packaging, the nginx-rtmp module and generating playlists dynamically to support features like looping or fallback sequences to improve resilience
  • Designed an architecture to manage multiple RTMP streaming ingests, forwarding them to different live video platforms including Facebook Live and YouTube
  • Working closely with the mobile application team to improve video playback on Android and iOS
  • Implemented a distributed load testing tool to measure the performance of the video live streaming service by using Go and tools like JMeter and Bees with Machine Guns
  • Improving quality assurance with Consumer-Driven Contracts using Pact to implement microservice integration tests that can be run in isolation
  • Setting up infrastructure on AWS using Amazon ECS, Docker and Terraform
  • Helped on production sites to set up hardware equipment for video recording, improving local network environment and monitored the system’s health during live events

Further technologies and services: ELB, BlazeMeter

Mixlr - Social Live Audio

London, United Kingdom

Full Stack Developer

2 years 2 months

  • Working at a challenging London based startup in a full-stack software developer role on a live audio streaming and broadcasting service with 5 million users
  • Shipped within three months the Mixlr Android application. Soley responsible for implementing from conception to final release using Java, Android Studio and Gradle; has been downloaded by over 500 thousand users with an average rating of 4.2 / 5.
  • Building a real-time chat and live user interaction system built on top of a push notification system
  • Working closely with an in-house designer developing novel user interfaces, and features.
  • Web development on the front end using Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Backbone and Haml
  • Web development on the back end using Ruby on Rails, Redis, Resque and PostgreSQL.
  • Maintenance and further development of core REST API serving all of Mixlr’s client application from broadcasting client, over Android and iOS applications to the web application.
  • Working on the streaming back end with Java and NodeJS developing a multi-threaded audio streaming engine, capable of proxying low latency live audio from multiple sources to more than 3000 concurrent listeners using the HLS and RTSP stack.
  • Collaborating with CTO and CEO to conceive and develop new features and services.
  • DevOps tasks in maintaining and planning the infrastructure of the servers powering streaming and web services using Puppet and Amazon Web Services (AWS) including EC2, S3, RDS, ElasticCache, VPC, Route 53 and Cloud Watch.
  • On call responsibilities for server health applying countermeasures when necessary using Pager Duty
  • Implemented the back end infrastructure to analyze incoming real-time data and provide meaningful analytics to Mixlr’s paying customers.
  • Extending billing functionality using the Stripe API.
  • Setting up a continious integration system using Jenkins CI with extended Slack integration
  • Office Hacks: Raspberry Pi sound system triggerable via Slack; project and server health overview on the office screen
  • Further technologies used: HAProxy, Nginx, Mailgun, BrowserStack, Airbrake.

Fraunhofer FOKUS

Berlin, Germany

Software Engineer

1 year 3 months

  • Working as a software engineer at Europe’s largest organization for applied research.
  • Collaborated with the Federal Ministry of the Interior to build up an open data platform.
  • Built a web platform to assess data quality of metadata using Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, Sidekiq on the back end and jQuery, d3.js on the front end.
  • Designing and implementing data harvester and analyzer for the Open Government Platform for Germany (GovData.de) in Python, CKAN and RabbitMQ.
  • Performing DevOps work on the production system to ensure continuous functionality.

Berner & Mattner

Berlin, Germany

Software Engineer

7 months

  • Working at a German software company which specializes in systems engineering, development and testing of complex electronic and mechanical systems.
  • Lead developer for designing and implementing a model, simulator and highly animated graphical user interface for a public transport train (Hamburger Hochbahn) in C# on the .NET platform.
  • Working together with an in-house designer to implement graphics and animation for several components using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Freie Universität Berlin

Berlin, Germany

M.Sc. in Computer Science


B.Sc. in Computer Science



Honolulo, USA

Student Contest on Software Engineering (SCORE)

2011 - 2012

  • Built a course scheduling platform using Java, PostgreSQL, XSLT and jQuery
  • Designed and implemented a genetic and greedy algorithm for automatic resource allocation